In 2022, our venture into the global market for trading has yielded remarkable results, garnering an enthusiastic response from both our European and international clientele.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, we proudly operate as a logistics company with a global reach. Our mission involves providing top-tier services and products to clients on an international scale. Bolstered by an exceptional team, we remain committed to delivering optimum value to our customers. Our specialization lies in the distribution of international soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, introducing novel offerings to the market and allowing you to savor a diverse array of flavors from around the globe.

Elevating global trade by connecting palates worldwide

Our Vision

Our vision at Arshad Food SL. is to be the trailblazers in redefining international trade dynamics. By leveraging our expertise as a Barcelona-based logistics powerhouse, we aspire to set new standards in global commerce. We envision a future where our unwavering commitment to excellence empowers us to expand our reach, establishing enduring connections with customers across continents. Through our dedication to introducing novel offerings in the realm of international soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, we aim to create a world where borders dissolve, and flavors unite, enriching lives with global taste experiences.





Our Mission

At Arshad Food SL. we are dedicated to revolutionizing global trade with a steadfast commitment to excellence. As a premier logistics company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, we passionately collaborate with clients worldwide to provide unparalleled services and products. Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations, delivering superior value and fostering lasting relationships. By specializing in the distribution of international soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, we strive to introduce innovative flavors to the market, enabling our customers to explore a world of diverse tastes.